Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Club 35 +

Club 35+ is a meeting of women to keep themselves fit and healthy. Meeting every 3 months to assess and motivate the checking of parameters of health, eg: lipid profile, bone densitometry, pap smear etc. This will be followed by a health talk. An average woman is used to looking after her family members,but usually her personal health is often negletcted. Club 35+ endeavours to make her aware of her own health and in general, look after herself.

Indian menopause society in collaboration with IMA women’s wing, invites you for the launch of club 35+ in Trichur, on Saturday 8th may in harisri vidyanidhi school auditorium punkunnam from 5 to 7 pm, followed by high tea. two eminent personalities dr. jaideep malhotra from agra and dr roza olayi from Gwalior will grace the occasion, give talks and take part in public forum. Dr jaideep malhotra has initiated club 35+ in several cites all over the country.

The desirous of becoming members of club 35+ well be issued health cards. Please come in large numbers to make the launch of club 35+ a grand success.

Dr Shobhana Mohandas, Secretary, Indian Menopause Society [local branch] and president IMA, women’s wing
Dr Nishi Roshni Andrews, secretary IMA women’s wing

++ the above is the main information of the notice sent to me by Dr. K. R. Pratapan of life line, t b road, kokkalai, Trichur 680021.

A scanned copy of the notice is attached herewith.

Programme details are available in the scanned copy.
Dr Shobhana Mohandas is the consultant gynecologist of Elite Mission Hospital, Trichur
Dr Nishi Roshini Andrews is Asst. Professor,
Dept of gynaecology, Trichur medical college

Meeting starts at 5.30 pm
No telephone number is given in the notice

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